Medical Treatments and Services

Pricing for medical treatments

Dutch hospitals operate within a public health care system. The Dutch public health care system is well known and acknowledged for its effective and affordable outcomes.

Prices for international patients are proportional to the pricing for Dutch and EU-residents.

All available medical treatments and prices for self-pay transactions are fixed and by law yearly published by healthcare providers. These prices are known as Passanten tarieven.
Dutch healthcare providers are prohibited to charge extra or deviant commercial prices to international patients.

Once you have submitted your request a medical team at Erasmus MC will review your case. A personalised medical and financial proposal (estimate) will be sent to you.

The price indication of medical treatment is based on expected costs. Once the treatment is completed, the final invoice will be sent to you.

Pricing for IPC international patient services

IPC provides a total service package to our overseas patients.

Including but not limited to;

  • direct access to Dutch healthcare providers
  • single point contact and personal care coordination (qualified nurses)
  • invitation letter for visa application
  • support in travel arrangements
  • coordination of transfers
  • hotel booking
  • on-site medical interpreter
  • accommodation of travel companion(s)
  • secure payment to health provider.

Our focus is on overseas patients with clinically complicated diagnoses and in search of high complex and innovative treatments. Erasmus Medical Centre being our affiliated hospital.

The IPC service fee for the service package is 3.500,- Euros.

A total proposition will be sent to you before you make your final decision.

Are you seeking a consultation, second opinion or medical treatment? Please contact us or request an appointment. We will answer all your further questions and can match your specific medical case to the best available specialist.

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