How it Works

Are you in search of a complex or innovative medical treatment or second opinion in the Netherlands? We can help you find it.

Your personal patient journey

  • You are requested to complete our enquiry form.
  • The more information you share with us, the better we can be of assistance.
  • At IPC we work with exclusive care coordinators for international patients. These care coordinators will guide you through your medical journey at Erasmus MC.
  • Care coordinators are your first point of contact at IPC and will assist you in all stages of your treatment.
  • A first response to your enquiry will be sent within 48 hours (2 working days).
  • Your request for treatment will be assessed and matched with the medical portfolio of Erasmus MC.
  • When considered a match your request will be presented to one of the world renowned specialists.
  • He/she will review all of your medical records, diagnosis and medical request.
  • The suggested treatment plan and the total cost estimate will be sent to you.
  • Once you’ve decided to proceed your patient journey with us, you’re requested to pay the total costs (estimate of medical treatment) upfront.
  • After payment an appointment will be scheduled.
  • Confirmation of your medical appointments, required by foreign embassies, will be included. A valid Visa is obligatory.

Are you seeking a consultation, second opinion or medical treatment? Please fill in our request an appointment form. We will answer all your further questions and can match your specific medical case to the best available specialist.

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