Dutch culture

Our way of being


In the Netherlands every person is equal and everyone is treated the same. Status does not differ between religion, gender or age. Daily interaction is based on mutual respect and equality. We take care of each other and take pride on our social systems in health care and education. All resulting in a top prosperity ranking.

Dutch prosperity

Dutch directness

The Dutch are known for their direct way of communication.  Sentences are usually short and straight to the point. The Dutch will tell you how it is. Rest assured, we all mean well.

The city of Rotterdam is known as a multicultural society. Patients from around the world, 80+ different countries, have been welcomed in Rotterdam.

About Rotterdam



Dutch hospitals are known for their outstanding patient care, cleanliness and safety. All hospitals operate within the world renowned Dutch public healthcare system.

The Erasmus MC has opened a brand new building in May 2018, with all exclusive private rooms, to offer you the best possible care. 

All Dutch hospitals have children’s wards with specialized attending physicians. These wards provide a wide range of facilities to entertain children during their stay.

English proficiency

Even though the Netherlands have its own language (Dutch), most people in the Netherlands speak English fluently. Since the Dutch have a history of international trading, speaking different languages is woven into the culture. Some people might speak German and/or French as well.

About Holland


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