Second opinion

To be sure

Asking a different physician to take a look at your case may provide information on new ways to treat your condition or simply give you peace of mind that the current treatment plan is the best line of treatment. This can help you can make the most informed decisions about your health.

What we do

Erasmus MC is an international center of excellence for healthcare based in Rotterdam. Erasmus MC has more than half a million visits each year. Most of our patients are referred from other hospitals throughout the Netherlands, but also from other countries.
Our mission is to find new treatments and cures and to develop novel diagnostic tests and tools to further improve the treatment of patients.
Seeking a second opinion at our hospital will give you the opportunity to find out more about the latest diagnostic tests and treatments available.


In the Netherlands we speak Dutch. Most of our physicians speak English. Your medical records must therefore be translated into English.
Interpreters can be arranged when required.

Seeking a second opinion

Please fill in our “request an appointment form” and briefly describe the diagnosis or treatment plan you would like to receive medical advice on.
Depending on your question, our physician may require additional information.
It is important to have all relevant medical information available when seeking a second opinion. Be sure to send your medical records, X-rays and radiology images in time.
Once all the required medical records have been received, and found to be complete, your case will be assigned to a physician.

Are you seeking a consultation, second opinion or medical treatment? Please fill in our request an appointment form. We will answer all your further questions and can match your specific medical case to the best available specialist.

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