About Erasmus MC

World renowned medical care at one of the best hospitals in the world

The Netherlands is known for its high-quality Healthcare and safe patient care. Erasmus MC one of the best hospitals in the world sets the standard.


“The European Health Consumer Index 2017 total ranking of healthcare systems shows The Netherlands again pulling ahead, scoring 916 points out of 1000, an EHCI all time high.” 

Physicians experienced in complex and rare diseases

At Erasmus MC you are in the hands of well trained and experienced physicians. Internationally recognized for their sublime expertise. Erasmus MC is the largest academic tertiary referral hospital of the Netherlands. The Erasmus MC expertise lies in the domain of complicated and/or rare health problems and diseases.
Direct access to clinical expertise in diagnosis and treatment, high quality patient care and world-leading research will provide you with the best specialized medical care.

Erasmus MC is awarded with a NIAZ accreditation (Dutch quality label).

Leading in innovation

You will benefit fully from the latest findings, thanks to the extensive scientific background of the healthcare professionals. The Erasmus MC is the principal teaching hospital of Erasmus University and their top position attracts the best researchers and talented students from around the world.
You will have access to state of the art treatment plans, cutting edge technology and world renowned physicians.

At IPC we are committed to match your medical needs with the highly skilled physicians at the Erasmus MC.

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Waiting time

Please find information about current waiting times at Erasmus MC here.

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