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Corona virus information

The Corona virus affects everyone. We always seek the best solution and care for you. Therefore we provide you with the latest updates about treatment and travelling during the Corona pandemic.

Corona and your treatment with IPC/Erasmus MC

Corona and travelling to the Netherlands

International Patient Center the Netherlands is a full-service medical travel company. We assist overseas patients and referring physicians seeking a consultation, second opinion or medical treatment in the Netherlands. We support you with travel arrangements, accommodation and access to world renowned healthcare.

To meet all your expectations we work in an exclusive partnership with Erasmus MC, Royal Schiphol Group and KLM Health Services.


How it works

1. Request an appointment

Are you in search of a complex or innovative medical treatment in the Netherlands? We can help you find it. In order to do so, you are requested to complete our enquiry form. The more information you share with us, the better we can be of assistance. We have direct access to Erasmus Medical Center.

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2. Travel to facility

Our team will support you with a seamless travel experience. We are dedicated to make your journey effective and convenient. We work with professional travel agencies with a worldwide network. Your personal wishes and (medical) needs determine the travel standard.

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3. Get your treatment

At Erasmus Medical Center you are in the hands of well trained and experienced physicians. Internationally recognized for their sublime expertise. Erasmus MC is the largest academic tertiary referral hospital in the Netherlands. The expertise lies in the domain of complicated or rare health problems and diseases.

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4. Stay at residence

We want to make sure your time in the Netherlands is as pleasant as possible. At IPC we can assist you with booking a hotel that suits your needs and budget for short- or longterm stay. We have carefully selected high quality hotels within the city center of Rotterdam. These hotels are within walking distance of public transport and close to the Erasmus Medical Center.

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Facts and figures

# 1.174

Open heart surgeries

# 33

Lung- & Heart transplantations per year

Medical travel

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Euro Healthcare Consumer Index

# 2

Global Innovation Index 2018

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